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it is so shameful that in the news we see some pastoralists community are still dying of hunger, if some parts of the pastoralists community for example in marakwet community can afford to adopt agriculture as a way of life through setting up the irrigation schemes then it is possible for other parts of the pastoralists community for example in wajir and turkana where people are still dying of hunger. If other projects can be set up and finished at the stipulated time why not the most important projects which is feeding the fellow Kenyans.

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Establishment of Irrigation schemes in Kenya to combat food insecurity:

Kenya’s idea of working with Israel to provide irrigation schemes in Kenya is really a dream to come true for Kenyans. In North eastern region of Kenya, there are no rivers of any significance in the region though there are a few tributaries of juba river near Somali border Ewaso Nyiro river in isiolo and Tana River which are mostly shallow or dry. Consequently there is little or no evidence on the sustainability of irrigation schemes in the pastoralist areas.The pastoralist communities usually depend on wells and rivers as a source of water for their animals and other domestic use.
Irrigation schemes in many parts of the pastoralist’s community for example in marakwet east district in Tot division, Bura irrigation scheme in Tana river district, perkerra irrigation scheme in north of nakuru near Marigat town ship in Baringo district, have been established before but most of these projects have failed. Hunger and starvation is still the order of the day.
It is so ironical the government of Israel has undertaken to support a farmer’s organization in Dagoretti district to ensure food sufficiency through irrigation farming. This initiative seems to raise eyebrows especially among pastoralist communities who are in dire need of water and food. Dagoretti is one of the high potential areas of Kenya, why would the Government invest in such projects and does a little to initiate such projects in Northern Kenya where there is food insecurity?
The Government should be serious with these issues otherwise their priorities will be misplaced. In my opinion I suggest that such projects should be introduced in Northern parts of Kenya and the pastoralist communities trained on how to practice farming. This can be seen as a radical shift from their age long livelihood; pastoralism, but change is inevitable and with the effects of climate change the pastoralist communities have no option but to adapt to these changes.
If Namibia a desert country can afford to practice farming and export their farm produce, Kenya can do better than that.

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