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Massive civic education: A way to enhance pastoralists democratic rights in kenya

Civic education has played a very important role in sensitizing the pastoralist community on the importance to participate in the implementation of the new constitution in Kenya.
Over the years, few people among the Pastoralists communities turn out to vote during the general elections. Majority are also not aware of their democratic rights to vote in Kenya. Therefore this has proven that there is need for extensive civic education among the pastoralists communities in Kenya.
There is also need to sensitize the pastoralist communities on civic education and mobilize the community members to come out in large numbers to vote and exercise their democratic rights in 2012 general elections.
There has been ineffective civic education among the pastoralists because people are not given the opportunity to participate in national processes and the majority of them not aware of what they need to participate in the next general elections. There is also the effect of marginalization in pastoralist areas which has led to little efforts on the side of the Government in providing civic education in these areas. Therefore there is need for massive civic education in these areas so as to prepare the pastoralist communities in Kenya in the general elections 2012.
Due to ignorance of their democratic rights, some politicians in the pastoralist’s community take advantage of this ignorance to mislead the pastoralist communities. This will then eventually lead to voting in of these leaders year in year out.
Therefore the Government should be able to empower the pastoralist communities through civic education. The new constitution has recognized the marginalized/minority groups and therefore the problem of marginalization should be a thing of the past. The Government should also invest in civic education and enlighten the pastoralist communities on the gains they have in the new constitution and how effective they can participate in the 2012 general elections by enhancing peace and solidarity during this period.

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All are invited to the Kenya pastoralists week which will take place at the K.I.C.C on 30th November to 2nd December. The theme of the event is constitutional, institutional on policy and impacts on pastoralists in Kenya. thereafter on the last day (2 December) there will be a cultural Galla dinner, entry is ksh. 500.

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