Pastoralists urged to focus on development

29 Aug

The pastoralists in northern Kenya have been urged to resolve their differences. MPs Mohamud Ali (Moyale) and Aden Dualle (Dujis) condemned the tribal clashes in Tana River; Wajir and Mandera counties where politics, boundary dispute and land based resources have been cited as causes of the conflict.

Pastoralist leaders called on the pastoralists communities to stop fighting and focus on development issues relating them their areas.Mr Ali and Mr. Dualle said the gun battle has depicted pastoralists negatively in the eyes of other Kenyans and advised them to embrace dialogue to resolve issues. ‘The first step is for us to use dialogue to resolve our differences as opposed to use of violence,’’ said Ali. ‘‘How are you going to prepare yourselves for the resort city and other projects under the Vision 2030 if you are fighting? Other people will come and benefit,’’ he said.

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