05 Aug

The fact that inhumane acts could be sanctioned and executed on the basis of a so called court order and destruction of property and disruption of livelihoods and lives of villagers at Narasha – Olkaria under the watchful eye of the police is demonstration to the fact that Kenya is still in the stranglehold of tyranny even as we celebrate a new era of constitutionalism.
The 33-year-old land struggle in the area is testimony to the fact that the resident pastoralist community is peace loving and devoted to lawful processes of dispute resolution. That the community forms one of the key victims of the century long land and natural resources alienation is indisputable and any plans for development or otherwise must be informed by the fact that most of the land around the area is claimed by these communities as part of historical injustices.
Pursuant to this ugly incidence, most pastoralists have a bad taste at the back of their mouths as they witness their mothers, children and elderly spent nights out in the cold just because an individual or a group of individuals and indeed even government has interests on the land that these residents are settled on.
The Kenyan constitution is explicit on the rights and fundamental entitlements of individuals and groups. These range from protection of right to property, women, children under the Bill of rights of the 2010 Kenyan constitution.
The police on the other hand have the responsibility to safeguard the lives and property of Kenyans and not to be complicit in acts that violate these fundamental constitutional entitlements
Whereas Kenyans are optimistic of a constitutional order and decent society, the reality indicates that we are still groping into the dark ages which portend a dangerous trajectory for this country.
The victims are awaiting justice and this cannot be wished away or delayed; heads must roll now.

Santeto Ole Tiampati

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Posted by on August 5, 2013 in News briefs


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