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more funds to marginalized counties

The county assembly has been asked to set up a fund for development projects in marginalized areas . MP for Sigowet/Soin mentioned that;  this will bring the semi-arid constituency at par with other regions ,which had been marginalized by previous governments. The Questioned is, what about the current insecurity menace? leaders in this counties must speak in one voice to end banditry

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pastoral IDPs yet to be recognized

Mochongoi residents receive food donations from the baringo senator Hon. Gideon Moi ,area leaders led by Moses Lemeluk receive 100 bags of maize in kabarak on 3/3/2014.
The donation was meant to help boost the families that are hosting displaced person from Arabal, Mukutani and Chebinyiny locations. The senator had  promised the community during his visit at Kabel on Sunday .Mochongoi residents are currently hosting families affected by the ongoing banditry in Arabal and Mukutani locations.

Baringo leaders need to be more proactive for the realization of peace in the entire county ,area chiefs were put on notice by the county commissioner peter okwanyo as the government moved to stamp out the insecurity which has left more than 20 people dead and 5,000 displaced in the past one month. Land and Natural resources available in this  areas is the root causes of this menace ,the government should come up with affirmative action to restore peace ,resettle the displaced persons or give them alternative land to enable them continue with their livelihoods.

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