PDN KenyaPastoralist Development Network of Kenya (PDNK) is an advocacy NGO established under a Trust deed number 791 DI 4453128 in 2003. The network is a conglomeration of 60 pastoralists’ individuals, NGOs and CBOs and non-pastoralist institutions and individuals supporting pastoralists’ development process in Kenya. It draws its membership from North Rift, South Rift, North Eastern and Upper Eastern regions of Kenya representing 14 pastoralist Counties.Its mission is to lobby for the inclusion of the pastoralist agenda in mainstream development with the vision of a prosperous pastoralist society.
 Kenya’s ASALs make up 80% of the country’s land mass and are home to about 10 million people. This is approximately 20% of the county’s population of 40 million. ASALs also host about 75% of the country’s livestock, with an estimated market value of USD 1 billion. Further, they provide direct livelihoods to more than 7.5 million pastoralists and play host to more than 90% of Kenya’s ecotourism interests.For a long time, government regimes viewed pastoralist areas as net consumers of national wealth that offered poor prospects of return on investment. Pastoralism was therefore less valued than other forms of land use and less well-supported.



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